Why choose Red Mug Technologies over a corporate or big box store?

Save Money

As a small business, we know how important saving money is. At Red Mug Technologies we can save you money over big box stores thanks to our low overhead.

Buy Local

Red Mug Technologies is a local business. That means that every dollar you spend with us stays right here in the US. We never outsource support, so you can be sure that you will always reach a real, English speaking American.

Get Quality

At Red Mug Technologies we do our best to make sure you are happy. As a local, small business we have to! Don’t settle for giant corporate chains where you are just a number. Our success is dependent on your success, and our staff will make sure you are satisfied, or we’re not done.

Live Green

Red Mug Technologies cares about the environment. Now, we’re not going to chain ourselves to a tree any time soon, but we try to lessen our impact on the environment when we can. All our business cards are printed on recycled paper using non-toxic, vegetable based inks. Our office is basically paperless, and is heated and cooled using renewable, geo-thermal energy. Our staff also loves to buy local, organic veggies and frequents farmers markets in the Columbia County area.